Lights for Your Game Room

Lighting is crucial for setting your game room’s ambience and for ensuring you can actually see the game you are playing! Whether you want to keep your game room more classy or are looking to go more of a funkier route, we supply a host of lighting options for you to choose from.

From elegant to funky, we carry it all!

We carry lights designed by Toltec Lighting and RAM Gameroom Products. We recommend Toltec Lighting if you are looking to keep your game room more elegant or RAM Gameroom Products if you are looking for something that draws a bit more attention. Toltec Lighting supplies several, lovely options including:

  • Bow Lighting Fixtures
  • Curl Lighting Fixtures
  • Elegante Lighting Fixtures
  • Jazz Lighting Fixtures
  • Octopus Lighting Fixtures
  • Round Lighting Fixtures
  • Scroll Lighting Fixtures
  • Square Lighting Fixtures
  • Swoop Lighting Fixtures

While RAM GameRoom Products gives you the following, more unique options:

  • Stained Glass Fixtures
  • Metal Shades
  • Glass Shaes
  • Other Fixtures

Not sure what you want? We can help you figure out the perfect fixtures today!

If you feel overwhelmed by the options, do not hesitate to call us so that we can discuss exactly you want. Explain to us the ambience you wish to create and we will be able to advise you about which light fixtures can help achieve this perfect look. Please call today at 561-736-7665 or 561-616-2221.


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