How to Improve Your Pool Game

Pool is among the most popular games for people of all ages, and if you’ve taken a liking to this well-loved pastime, then you may be wondering how you can improve your skills. Use these tips to help give your pool game a boost:

Make softer strokes.

Giving the balls a solid hit can look impressive and feel exciting, especially when you manage to pocket one. However, there’s something to be said for applying a subtler touch. Imagine how far a ball can roll with just a gentle push of your hand, and consider taking the same approach with your stroke. Softer hits can mean better accuracy and promote faster improvement.

Focus your gaze.

A common mistake among newcomers to the game is a lack of eye focus. While it can be tempting to bounce your gaze around before a stroke, this lack of attention on the object ball can easily lead to errors. While lining up for the final stroke, lock your eyes on the object ball to give yourself time to focus on the target.

Line up your perspective.

The next step in advancing your pool game is to line up your body with the shot. If you notice that you lean over the line of the stroke, then it’s time to reassess your perspective. Take a step back and approach the table as if you are walking into the shot.

Play with confidence.

One of the fastest ways to kill your pool game is to take shots without feeling certain about their success. Each time you line up to make a stroke, only go through with it if you believe that you can pocket the ball. When in doubt, step back and make a definite plan before attempting a shot.

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