Proper Maintenance of Your Pool Cue

If pool is among your favorite games, then you probably have a cue or two of your own. For individuals who want to get the best performance from their game equipment, occasional pool cue maintenance is needed.

One of the most common issues that pro shop owners are asked about is pool cue tip replacement. Luckily, knowing when it’s time to replace the tip of your pool cue is a fairly simple task. While looking at the tip from the side, measure the height of the edge of the tip from the top of the ferrule. If it’s less than an 8th of an inch, then it’s time for a replacement. Additionally, be sure to clean your cue between uses and keep it stored in a spot that isn’t too humid.

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Spotlight on High-End Brands of Pool Tables

With the wide range of options available, choosing the right high-end pool table for your game room can be a challenging decision. Here, you’ll find a bit of background regarding some of today’s finest offerings in the pool table industry.


The Fusion pool table by Aramith is among the most popular, premier pool tables. Featuring several choices of wood veneered table tops, including white oak, gray oak, cherry, and smoked walnut, as well as different pool rail options, this product is both luxurious and versatile. If you are looking to style a game room that is sleek and modern, then the Fusion table by Aramith could be right for you.

Olhausen Billiards

Among the finest brands of pool tables, Olhausen Billiards has been family owned and operated since 1973 and is the largest manufacturer in the industry. These tables are built in Portland, Tennessee, and the company boasts a broad product line. These pool tables are rich and elegant, and make an excellent addition to any traditional, modern, or rustic game room.

Connelly Billiards

Manufactured in Texas, Connelly Billiards is among the best brands around. These pool tables exhibit high-level craftsmanship and are the preferred choice among many seasoned players. Connelly Billiards offers several collections to provide tables that suit a wide range of game room styles.

Canada Billiard

Although it is the largest distributor and manufacturer of pool tables in Canada, this brand features tables that are of solid construction and high-quality workmanship. Canada Billiard offers the widest variety of wood stains and finishes in the industry, and the company’s table options can suit nearly any type of décor.

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Learn the Rules of Pool

When it comes to playing pool, there is a huge range of games from which to choose and among the most popular choices is 8-ball. Watch this video to learn the rules for playing this and other pool games.

To start the game, one person breaks the balls. The first person to get a ball into a pocket claims the identification of that ball—solids or stripes—for the remainder of the game. After getting all of your solids or stripes in, try to pocket the 8-ball.

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How to Improve Your Pool Game

Pool is among the most popular games for people of all ages, and if you’ve taken a liking to this well-loved pastime, then you may be wondering how you can improve your skills. Use these tips to help give your pool game a boost:

Make softer strokes.

Giving the balls a solid hit can look impressive and feel exciting, especially when you manage to pocket one. However, there’s something to be said for applying a subtler touch. Imagine how far a ball can roll with just a gentle push of your hand, and consider taking the same approach with your stroke. Softer hits can mean better accuracy and promote faster improvement.

Focus your gaze.

A common mistake among newcomers to the game is a lack of eye focus. While it can be tempting to bounce your gaze around before a stroke, this lack of attention on the object ball can easily lead to errors. While lining up for the final stroke, lock your eyes on the object ball to give yourself time to focus on the target.

Line up your perspective.

The next step in advancing your pool game is to line up your body with the shot. If you notice that you lean over the line of the stroke, then it’s time to reassess your perspective. Take a step back and approach the table as if you are walking into the shot.

Play with confidence.

One of the fastest ways to kill your pool game is to take shots without feeling certain about their success. Each time you line up to make a stroke, only go through with it if you believe that you can pocket the ball. When in doubt, step back and make a definite plan before attempting a shot.

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