Buying a Pool Table for Your Family

The summer months are here, and now is a fantastic time to invest in a game room for your family. If you are seeking a great activity that you and your loved ones will enjoy throughout the seasons, you may want to consider purchasing a pool table. A company offering pool tables in Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach can help you choose the right table for your home’s game room. To help you with your upcoming game room purchase, here is a look at some tips for buying a pool table for your family.

Consider Using Slate

As you are shopping for a pool table for your home, you will have several different materials to choose from. While plywood and latex are popular options for today’s pool tables, these materials cannot match the durability and quality of slate. A slate pool table will be made from natural stone that has been smoothed down and polished to perfection.

Evaluate the Legs

When you are seeking a high quality pool table, it is also important to evaluate the durability and quality of the legs. A pool table’s legs provide support during gameplay, and also ensure that the weight of the pool table is evenly distributed. In order to choose top quality legs for your pool table, you may want to choose perfect legs that are crafted from solid wood.

Ask About Felt

Felt provides a smooth surface for your pool game. As you are comparing different pool tables for your home’s game room, it is a great idea to ask about different types of felt. Ideally, your pool table felt should be crafted from a blend of wool and nylon. This blend of fibers will provide you with maximum durability.

If you are shopping for pool tables in West Palm Beach or Boynton Beach, be sure to get in touch with Boynton Billiards. Along with our quality pool tables, we also offer cues and other essential pieces of equipment. Call us at (561) 536-5578 to learn more about our current inventory of pool tables.

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