What to Consider When You’re Buying a Pool Table

Before setting up the cues and cue holders, there are a few things to think about when buying a pool table. Purchasing a pool table is not to be taken lightly, especially considering that you might only buy a few pool tables in your life. Here are a few considerations when looking at pool tables to make sure you get the one that’s just right for you.


It is no secret that pool tables can be a massive centerpiece in a game room. Pool tables can run from 7 to 9 feet long and 3.5 to 4.5 feet wide. The game rooms need to be over twice as long and wide just to accommodate the tables and allow playing space. The size of your game room, as well as the size of the pool table, will be the most important factor when buying a pool table. If you have other games or tables in your game room, you need to consider how easily your pool table will fit in the remaining space.

Surrounding Décor

Thankfully, pool tables can come in several color and wood varieties. If your surrounding décor is a specific color or motif, then you should be able to design your pool table around that preexisting décor. However, you must always do your research. Some colors or woods may have weaknesses that others do not. Some may degrade quicker, and some woods are much heavier than others. If you have a particular color or wood you desire, find out everything you can about that pool table before purchasing.


Be sure to research all of the available options within your budget. You may be able to get the more expensive wood and slate pool table, but only in a smaller size. Or, you may prefer the largest pool table available, but you can only afford a used table. Whatever you decide, speak with your billiards table designer and seller on how to get you the best product for your money.

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