Tips for Lighting Your Game Room

A game room can provide your family and friends with countless hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you are building a new home that includes a game room, or are seeking to renovate your gaming space, it is important to consider lighting. Proper lighting is essential for getting the most out of your game of pool, darts, and more. A company that offers billiards serving Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach can provide you with essential lighting tips for your game room design. Read on for some essential advice for lighting your game room.

Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights can provide a central focus for your game room design. Additionally, lighting over a pool table will ensure that your players are able to make all of their shots. Traditionally, pool table lights consist of hanging lights that are centered over the pool table space. Overall, including pool table lights will provide an atmosphere of fun in your game room space.

Track Lighting

For those game rooms that include trophies or memorabilia, track lighting is a must. Carefully placed track lighting can be used to illuminate a trophy case or other feature along the walls of your game room. Additionally, track lighting can also provide soft, diffused light throughout your gaming space.

Bar Lighting

Many homeowners choose to include home bars in their game rooms. To help provide a friendly and fun atmosphere around your bar, it is a great idea to provide special lighting for your bar space. Ideally, your bar lights should offer warm illumination that will encourage your guests to relax and make themselves at home.

For help with your game room design, be sure to contact Boynton Billiards by calling (561) 536-5578. Our company specializes in billiards, pool tables , and all of the other pieces that you need to build a fabulous game room in your home. Our team looks forward to helping you with your game room design in the near future.

Setting Up a Home Bar in Your Game Room

When you want to really impress your friends and throw parties they’ll never forget, set up a bar in your game room. You can create custom drinks while having a great time playing billiards, throwing darts, or watching the game on your mounted flat-screen TV. However you want to enjoy it, here are some tips to help you plan for a home bar in your game room.

Refrigeration and Glassware

Most alcohols and liquors do not need to be refrigerated, but many of their mixers taste better if they are chilled. If you do not want to set up a small refrigerator, consider a small freezer to hold the ice. Many drinks taste better—and your guests will probably prefer—a drink that has been chilled with a little bit of ice. If you want to have a fully-functioning bar , consider purchasing sets of specific glassware. The three basic types include a tall glass, short glass, and one with a stem. Depending on how many guests you plan to accommodate, you should have at least three glasses per person.

Alcohol and Tools

You do not need to have every alcohol to impress your guests; simply stock a few of the popular brands and their common mixers. You should also have the basic tools of an expert barkeeper. These tools would typically include a cocktail shaker, strainer, muddler, and a bar spoon. Maybe throw in some green olives and cherries, and you will be well on your way as the barkeeper of the group. You can also pick up mixology books online or at your local bookstore to learn how to mix up and serve your guests’ favorites cocktails.

Bars and Barstools

There should always be a place to sit at a party, so why not have comfortable barstools set up next to your fully-stocked bar? You can impress guests with your expert knowledge as a barkeeper, and they can sit down and watch their fellow guests play on the pool table nearby. Your game room will have the perfect atmosphere with your custom-made bar and barstools sitting in the corner.

Whether you want to add some game sets or a full bar to your game room, call the experts at Boynton Billiards. We have custom-made equipment for every game room in the area, so call (561) 536-5578 to start ordering. You can also visit our game room showroom in Boynton Beach to see everything we have to offer in person.

How to Clean a Felt Pool Table

It’s important to keep your billiards table– an investment and game room focal point– in good shape, so it can provide entertainment for a long time. For regular table maintenance, use a special pool table brush, and brush crumbs and dust starting from the middle of the table toward the nearest pockets. Then, vacuum the debris out of the pockets. However, in the event of a spill on the table, the two things you should remember is to never rub the stain and never use soap. Rubbing permanently warps and fluffs the felt. Instead, blot lightly with a cloth and warm water, and let air dry.

At Boynton Billiards , we specialize in helping others find leisure and entertainment in billiards. Our showroom is stocked with pool tables, cues, game sets, bars and barstools, and lights so you can put together the ideal game room. To learn more about us, call us at 561-327-6679 or visit our website. We hope to see you soon!

What to Consider When You’re Buying a Pool Table

Before setting up the cues and cue holders, there are a few things to think about when buying a pool table. Purchasing a pool table is not to be taken lightly, especially considering that you might only buy a few pool tables in your life. Here are a few considerations when looking at pool tables to make sure you get the one that’s just right for you.


It is no secret that pool tables can be a massive centerpiece in a game room. Pool tables can run from 7 to 9 feet long and 3.5 to 4.5 feet wide. The game rooms need to be over twice as long and wide just to accommodate the tables and allow playing space. The size of your game room, as well as the size of the pool table, will be the most important factor when buying a pool table. If you have other games or tables in your game room, you need to consider how easily your pool table will fit in the remaining space.

Surrounding Décor

Thankfully, pool tables can come in several color and wood varieties. If your surrounding décor is a specific color or motif, then you should be able to design your pool table around that preexisting décor. However, you must always do your research. Some colors or woods may have weaknesses that others do not. Some may degrade quicker, and some woods are much heavier than others. If you have a particular color or wood you desire, find out everything you can about that pool table before purchasing.


Be sure to research all of the available options within your budget. You may be able to get the more expensive wood and slate pool table, but only in a smaller size. Or, you may prefer the largest pool table available, but you can only afford a used table. Whatever you decide, speak with your billiards table designer and seller on how to get you the best product for your money.

Boynton Billiards is here to give you the best pool table in Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach . We want to make your game room as memorable as can be. Call us at (561) 536-5578 to hear about our products or to schedule a time to meet with our pool table experts about your needs.

Spotlight on Connelly Billiard Pool Tables

Whether you’re heading out to the billiards club or you want to play a game at home with the family, it’s always nice to have a quality pool table to play on. You can find Connelly Billiard pool tables inside homes and game rooms all over the country. Read on to learn more about Connelly Billiard pool tables .

Billiards have an indelible element of luxury and craftsmanship, which it is reflected in the tables that host the games. Connelly Billiard pool tables are made in Texas, and are held to higher standards than many others. There are several different collections to choose from, including Canyon, Plateau, and Pinnacle. While these collections present their own unique benefits, they all feature cushion dynamics that keep each pool table quiet. If you’re looking for quality craftsmanship and a wealth of options to choose from, look into Connelly Billiard pool tables.

Would you like a closer look at Connelly Billiard pool tables? Call the team at Boynton Billiards at (561) 536-5578. We’re proud to serve Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach. Visit our website to learn more about our game rooms.