Tips for Improving at Darts

Some people just have the gift of accuracy in darts. Others may have to work at it. No matter your skill level, improving your dart game will never hurt. Here are some tips to think about the next time you step into your game room:

Use Your Dominant Eye

When you have the dart board in your sights, but your throw is always off by a few inches, or it doesn’t even reach the board, think about which eye you’re aiming with. Using your dominant eye to sight your dart, you’ll be much more likely to reach the bullseye. Similar to the advice of “keep your eye on the ball,” if you keep your eye on the dart as you locate the board, your hand will follow the path your eyes have created.

Place Your Feet Correctly

Many people might not realize that your stance has a lot of bearing on your dart game. Your back foot should always be an anchor for your body. You don’t want to throw your whole body when you throw a dart, so that back foot will help keep you stationary. Your front foot can change depending on what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your stance and throw to find which position provides you with the most accurate game.

Stay Central

When you stand at the oche—the line dart players stand at when playing—be sure to stand as central to the bullseye as you can. If you maintain this spot, you’ll never have to question how your stance is or where you’re throwing each time. When you stay central to the bullseye, along with the above tips, hopefully, your dart game will become stronger every time you play.

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Accessorizing Your Game Room

When you’re designing your game room, you want it be epic and attractive to everyone who enters. There should be a variety of games to play and sights to see decorating the room. Here are a few accessories you can add to complete your game room.

One of the main centerpieces of a game room is a pool table. Quality pool tables command attention as they’re usually the biggest thing in the room and are usually placed right in the center. For the quieter, thoughtful types, you can add a chess table off to the side. If you prefer a more boisterous crowd, you’ll never go wrong with video games, air hockey, and table tennis. Even better, you can have all of the above, and more, to complement whatever mood you’re in whenever you enter your game room.

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Reasons to Have a Family Ping Pong Tournament

A happy family spends quality time together, and it helps when everyone is having fun. Family ping pong in your home game room is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a family reunion. The friendly competition can even help family members bond. Here are a few reasons to have a family ping pong tournament.

Celebrate an Occasion

Occasions are meant to be celebrated, and what better way to celebrate than with your family? Whether you just got a promotion or have an important birthday coming up, a ping pong tournament can be a great way to celebrate an event with your family. The best part is that anyone can be involved; ping pong is easy to understand and fun to play.

Get the Family Together

As important as family is, everyone has their own lives and responsibilities. When you get the chance to get together, you should make it a memorable event. Focusing on a certain activity, like a ping pong tournament, can keep every member of the family engaged and involved. When you have relatives come to visit from out of town, consider wheeling out the ping pong table for a tournament.

Enjoy Friendly Competition

Teamwork and competition bring people together and help them bond. While some competitions may get out of hand, a ping pong tournament is fun and lighthearted enough that even the most heated of rivalries can bring people together. Family bonding is an important activity that can be difficult to work into the schedule in this day and age; a family ping pong tournament can help.

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Bring Your Family Together with a Billiards Table [INFOGRAPHIC]

It can be hard to find time to spend with everyone in your family between professional, school, and extracurricular obligations. In some cases, even if your entire family is home, you might not be together, but rather spending time watching television, reading, or on the computer as individuals—not as a family unit. When you have a pool table in Boynton Beach, you’ll have a great way to bring your family together. Decide on one night per week where your whole family plays a game of pool, and start a family tournament to encourage friendly competition—your kids will love practicing and showing off their new skills to their friends. Check out this #Infographic from Boynton Billiards to learn more about how you can foster a sense of togetherness with your family with the help of a pool table. Please share with your friends and neighbors, and start chalking up your cues!


How to Practice Billiards

Becoming a proficient billiards player doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With simple practice, you will improve every time you step into your game room. As explained in this video, a good way to practice pool or billiards is to continually set up a certain shot. Keep making the shot until you’ve got the move down, and then progressively make it harder. Move the cue ball to a different location or farther away. No matter which shot you line up, keep practicing. You’ll get better in no time.

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