The Importance of a High Quality Pool Table

It’s time to design your game room, and you need one of the essentials: a pool table. How do you decide which brand or quality of pool table to buy, though? As most people know, pool tables are not the cheapest addition to your game room, but purchasing a cheap table will have you buying a new one before long. Here are some considerations when you’re looking for pool tables:

Cheap Vs. Quality

When you enter your local pub, and you play on their pool tables, notice that you’ve probably been playing on these pub tables for years. You, and countless others, have been playing pool on these quality tables for a long time, and they’ve stood the test of time. If you purchase a cheap or low-quality table, you’ll most likely be replacing it within a couple years. Every time you lean on it, the frame will creak just a little more than it did last time. The pool balls won’t glide as smoothly over the cloth, and there will always be a particular bump or indentation that you always try to avoid. Cheap is not fun; quality will always be fun.

Built to Last

A good, sturdy pool table will have a solid, wooden frame. This frame will support years of gameplay for you, your family, and friends. Whether you have to lean on the table for a particular move, or you want a continuously level playing field, you won’t go wrong with a good wood-framed pool table.

Quality Materials

Along with a solid frame, you want the rails and slate—the flat playing area under the cloth—to be high-quality materials, as well as decently manufactured. Typically, the slate will come in three separate pieces. If your inexpensive table has one slab of slate, you might be in need of a higher quality table.

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