• Proper Maintenance of Your Pool Cue

    If pool is among your favorite games, then you probably have a cue or two of your own. For individuals who want to get the best performance from their game equipment, occasional pool cue maintenance is needed. One of the most common issues that pro shop owners are asked about is pool cue tip replacement. […]

  • Spotlight on High-End Brands of Pool Tables

    With the wide range of options available, choosing the right high-end pool table for your game room can be a challenging decision. Here, you’ll find a bit of background regarding some of today’s finest offerings in the pool table industry. Aramith The Fusion pool table by Aramith is among the most popular, premier pool tables. […]

  • Learn the Rules of Pool

    When it comes to playing pool, there is a huge range of games from which to choose and among the most popular choices is 8-ball. Watch this video to learn the rules for playing this and other pool games. To start the game, one person breaks the balls. The first person to get a ball […]

  • How to Improve Your Pool Game

    Pool is among the most popular games for people of all ages, and if you’ve taken a liking to this well-loved pastime, then you may be wondering how you can improve your skills. Use these tips to help give your pool game a boost: Make softer strokes. Giving the balls a solid hit can look […]

  • Felt Options from Boynton Billiards

    When you are seeking a quality pool table, you should be sure to pay a visit to Boynton Billiards. We specialize in billiards, pool tables, and other game room accessories. At our showroom, we are pleased to carry a variety of felt options for pool tables. One of our most popular felt products is Championship […]

  • Buying a Pool Table for Your Family

    The summer months are here, and now is a fantastic time to invest in a game room for your family. If you are seeking a great activity that you and your loved ones will enjoy throughout the seasons, you may want to consider purchasing a pool table. A company offering pool tables in Boynton Beach […]

  • The Right Way to Chalk a Cue

    Playing billiards is a favorite pastime for people of many ages. When you are playing a game of billiards, it is essential to learn about the basics of the game. An important skill to learn when you are playing billiards or pool is how to chalk a cue. As you are chalking a cue, you […]

  • Tips for Lighting Your Game Room

    A game room can provide your family and friends with countless hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you are building a new home that includes a game room, or are seeking to renovate your gaming space, it is important to consider lighting. Proper lighting is essential for getting the most out of your game of […]

  • Setting Up a Home Bar in Your Game Room

    When you want to really impress your friends and throw parties they’ll never forget, set up a bar in your game room. You can create custom drinks while having a great time playing billiards, throwing darts, or watching the game on your mounted flat-screen TV. However you want to enjoy it, here are some tips […]

  • How to Clean a Felt Pool Table

    It’s important to keep your billiards table– an investment and game room focal point– in good shape, so it can provide entertainment for a long time. For regular table maintenance, use a special pool table brush, and brush crumbs and dust starting from the middle of the table toward the nearest pockets. Then, vacuum the […]